Friday, March 30, 2012

Prepare the Way!

We are nearing Palm Sunday.  I can not believe it's here already!  It's funny, but until I joined the United Methodist Church I had never experienced Palm Sunday.  How funny is that!  

Anyway, this Sunday will be a celebration of Jesus' entrance into Jerusalem, as well as a mediation on His Passion.  This week, the kids will be waiving their palms and singing "Victory Chant".  It is my hope that you will be able to close your eyes and see the children ushering the King of  the world into Jerusalem.  You'll hear the drums, shakers, tamborines, clashing cymbals, etc., which will hopefully set the sonic mood.  Enjoy the wonderful vocal stylings of Jackson Young!

For The Gathering, we will be featuring Tina, who will sing "Hosanna", a beautiful song by Hillsong United.  Our Theme is going to be "Prepare the Way".  

I hope to see you all Sunday, morning.